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NO MORE FROGS (Free Indeed)

Published March 9, 2015 by lavoniartryon

Recently, (this is a relative and very loose use of time) but recently nevertheless, I was in what may could have been called a relationship, maybe. For all intents and purposes, I treated it like a relationship. But it wasn’t one. There was no commitment, not on his end. He told me he wasn’t ready for a relationship because he had gone through some hard times in his life and he needed time to really be ready for that type of commitment. And I believed him, and lied to myself to say that I was being supportive and not just silly. If I didn’t have on my ‘Captain Save-a-Man’ pants on, I would have realized that the healing he needed couldn’t come from me. It could and would only be found in Christ. If I didn’t have on my ‘I can fix his broken heart’ glasses on, I would have realized that he would never get that healing, because he had no intention of going to Christ for that healing. He was too much of a ‘man’ to ask for help, so he would never fall on his knees, broken and contrite in spirit before the Healer. So I tried to allow the Jesus in me to be enough. Ouch. It wasn’t. It couldn’t be. My light is simply an extension of The Light. I shine the spotlight on Him, and if those that look to me, can’t see past me to Him, then I am a dim flicker at best.

He only saw me. That’s all he wanted to see. And I then realized that I was back in the ‘potential cycle’ (Read NOT ANOTHER SINGLES BOOK and you’ll understand), but this time I was the one with potential. I wasn’t what he wanted or needed, but I would do. I was a placeholder-someone who he needed at the moment, but never really saw a lifetime with me. If I were really honest with myself, I didn’t see a future with him either, but I had already convinced my friends of how great he was, so I couldn’t give up that easily, right?

Wrong. I could, and I did. I sucked it up and I let him go-in turn, freeing myself. I bit the bullet and told my friends that the knight in shining armor that I had been describing, was really a joker on a mule. Was it hard? Not as hard as wasting time in another useless relationship that would take my focus off my purpose and my prayers from the man that God is truly saving for me.

Why am I choosing to share this with the world wide web? My Pastor, Jeremy Foster- of is preaching a sermon on being Free Indeed. The Lord has been dealing with me so deeply within this series and today during worship, the tears wouldn’t stop flowing. I couldn’t place where they were coming from, until he started preaching. He stated that Integrity, Generosity and Humility were the antidotes to closing doors on satan’s influence.

I know that the enemy is attacking my ministry because it is shaking hell and stirring heaven. So, because of that my character has to be above reproach and my faith, walk and testimony has to be transparent. I share this because I am still in this journey. I am still struggling with loneliness and the foothold that I gave the enemy was to believe the lie that I would have to settle in order to get married. I no longer believe this lie, and it will no longer be passenger along my journey.

I don’t have to settle. I won’t settle. I will receive my exceedingly, abundantly. And I will continue to set ablaze all lies that Singles hear, and combat it with the truth. NO MORE FROGS. My Prince is here.


Published May 1, 2013 by lavoniartryon



Scripture: Mark 8:22-24 They came to Bethsaida, and some people brought a blind man and begged Jesus to touch him. 23 He took the blind man by the hand and led him outside the village. When he had spit on the man’s eyes and put his hands on him, Jesus asked, “Do you see anything?”He looked up and said, “I see people; they look like trees walking around.” Once more Jesus put his hands on the man’s eyes. Then his eyes were opened, his sight was restored, and he saw everything clearly. 26 Jesus sent him home, saying, “Don’t even go intothe village.”

Challenge: Look over the first 4 months of this year. What has God shown you about yourself in your Single life? What are you still not seeing clearly?

This miracle is unique because it is only found in Mark and this is the only time (at least that I have found) that Christ took two times to fully heal someone. The only miracle where the healing was not immediate. So why is this? Did Jesus miss when he spit the first time? Did he not get enough saliva on him? Was the man’s faith a factor? The truth is, we don’t know. The Bible doesn’t say why Jesus had to do it twice, it just simply says that He did. But, I believe there is beauty in this story, not a do-over but a do-again.

When I read this story, I see several things. First, the people led the blind man to Jesus and begged Jesus to touch him. His friends knew that Christ was the only One that could solve his problem, so they brought him for healing. Then they did something spectacular. They begged Jesus. Not for themselves, but for their friend. This is powerful! How many of us have begged, pleaded and cried out to God…FOR.SOMEONE.ELSE? This was not for their healing, but for the wholeness of their friend. I’m sure all of the people that led the blind man had something in their lives that could use Jesus’ touch, but yet they saw the greater need in their friend and was willing to put their needs to the side, to get healing for someone else.

I related so much to this single verse. As you know, I am Single (shocker, huh?). Only within the last few years, have I begun to see my Singleness as a calling and not a status. I realize that God allowed me to go through and survive so many things in my life that led me to this point, so that I can then turn and encourage someone else that may be headed down the path that I have already traveled. My coin statement ‘My struggle-your lesson’ is real. Learn from my struggle, so you don’t have to repeat it. I am those ‘some people’ leading other Singles to Christ and begging Him to touch them and make them whole.  I recognize that the need for YOU to experience this time as a blessing and not a curse is so much more important than any other of my issues that I would bring to Christ about being released from this Season. Your need is greater than mine, and your healing is more important than my selfishness.

Next, we have Jesus lead the man alone outside of the village. So, the people that brought him to Jesus didn’t even get to see the miracle performed? No, lest they begin to believe that this blind man’s healing had anything to do with them. They did their part- they led him to Jesus. Again, this hit home. Your acceptance of your Single season and desire to grow in it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with me. I am simply a pathway to get you to Jesus. He does all the work apart from me, because I need no incentive to boast. The Lord knows that, so He inspired a book ‘NOT Another Singles Book’, and then removed me from the equation. This Movement is not about me. I don’t hold your hand and read the book to you. I simply take what I know about Christ and what He has done for me- and I lead you towards Him so that he can get you alone. I’m dismissed from the healing, because this is about you and Christ- and He doesn’t need an audience to do a miracle.

Finally we get to the healing. Christ spits on the man’s eyes and asks ‘Do you see anything?’ This blew me away. Why would Jesus ask this? He already knows that all power and authority belongs to Him, so it can’t be that He doubts His own ability. There has to be another reason for Him asking this question. I believe that it was to give some responsibility to the blind man. He had to TELL Jesus that he was not yet whole. He could have just walked away and accepted that He was better than he came. After all, he COULD see, even if it wasn’t too clearly. Christ was asking him, ‘Do you want to be better or do you want to be whole?’ He is asking that question to us as Singles. Do we just want to muddle through this time experiencing more good days than bad days, or do we want to get the exceedingly, abundantly that He has stored into this season? Our response has to be the same as this blind man, ‘I can see, but it’s not all the way clear.’

Then Christ will touch us again. The fact that this man was healed in stages speaks nothing to Jesus’ power but to His sovereignty. He was able to heal this man in one step, but HE chose to do it in intervals, because he knew in 2013 that we would need to see it and understand that nothing is wrong with us because we didn’t get it the first time. We needed to see that just because we tried it once and it didn’t work out, there is nothing wrong with trying it again. He had to show us just because someone else prayed and the Lord sent their spouse immediately, that may not be our story- and that’s ok. He wanted us to recognize that this is a journey and not a destination- that we may have intervals of peace in this season and spurts of doubts as well.

Have you lost your contentment? Have you gotten out of or into a relationship that is challenging your relationship and understanding of what God has spoken about your ordained spouse? It’s ok. Christ is saying ‘Let’s do it ONCE AGAIN.’

This 30 Day Singles Challenge blessed my life so much the first 6 months ago, but since then I have had two spouts with doubting the path that he has for me, and trying to replace Him with someone that doesn’t look anything like Him. So I see, but things have begun to get a bit muggy again, so God is telling me and you, ‘Let’s do this again and get you whole.’

Are you willing to journey with me, ONCE MORE?

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