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TATE Publishing Release Date April 14th, 2015

Published March 10, 2015 by lavoniartryon

NOT Another Singles Book
So here you are-Single. Still. Again. And the last thing that you want to hear is what you did to cause it, how God isn’t finished with you yet, or how your boo is just around the corner. You want answers to the same questions we all have. Why am I still Single? What’s wrong with me? Why are all my friends getting married, and I can’t even get a +1? WHEN WILL IT BE MY TURN? These questions amongst thousands of others are plaguing your mind and stealing your contentment.
The Answer: There is nothing wrong with you. God has not forgotten you. If we believe that God has a plan for our lives then we must believe that this plan also involves our Single season. There is no way that an Infallible, Sovereign God can orchestrate and ordain your marriage, but just happen to leave out this huge Single segment, as if it is the black hole on your eternity timeline. Singleness is ordained. It is blessed and it is exactly where God has placed you at this moment. Singleness has its season, allow it to be the sweet aroma of a lifestyle submitted to God’s will.
You are complete alone. Easier said than believed and even harder to understand. Your completeness must come from the only One that can offer it to you. You become a walking toxin when you enter a relationship without this knowledge. If you don’t gain completion from Christ before the relationship, you will end up draining every relationship that you are involved. Seeking completion from a mate puts an unnecessary and unbearable weight on the other partner, because you are expecting them to supply you with something only the One who created you can give. If you don’t take the opportunity to get to know ‘you’ while Single, you will poison every relationship and drain the person you are with, trying to get something that only comes from Christ. Getting to know ourselves is work, but really understanding the good, bad and the complicated in your life is something that you can’t afford not to do. Once you recognize your value and in turn, how much you are worth to God, you will stop allowing cheap representatives to waste your time.
NOT Another Singles Book lives up to its name. This hard-hitting, insightful and at times humorous book written by a self-proclaimed Reformed Serial Monogamist will have you throwing away every negative viewpoint you have heard about Singleness and focusing on fulfilling God’s purpose in it. It is a simple, yet eye-opening view of Singleness as something to get into, instead of a grave sentence to get out of. Singleness has a distinct, designed purpose crafted by the Almighty Author of Time, and this book will jumpstart (or assist you in continuing) your journey in discovering the wonderful things God has in store for this season.
God views Singleness as a time of undistracted devotion unto the Lord; a time that the Lover of your soul can romance and woo you. This is the time that the Redeemer of our souls pursues and overtakes us with a love so pure and so sweet that it compares to nothing else, because we will never experience anything else like it. This is the time that God has set apart for you to work wholeheartedly for His kingdom without earthly distractions. If marriage is ordained for you then it will come, why not enjoy the journey?
NOT Another Singles Book challenges you to combat the notion that something is wrong with you, if you are still Single at 20 or 30 or 40. God has not forgotten you. You are not his car keys or his glasses, you are the precious jewel in His crown and He is enthralled with your beauty. The Father gives good gifts to His children and will withhold no good thing from you. If you desire marriage, yet you are still Single, it’s because this is good for you, even when it doesn’t feel good to you. Let’s journey together…

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