12 Days of MISS Mas…Day 1: Identity

12 Daily Blogs to my Single Ladies… On the first day of MISS Mas, I gave to me… ME (Identity) Getting ready for Christmas, or some symbolism of Christmas as 2020 has literally changed everything, I decided to write a blog from one Single lady to another. Each day we will talk about a differentContinue reading “12 Days of MISS Mas…Day 1: Identity”

NO MORE FROGS (Free Indeed)

Recently, (this is a relative and very loose use of time) but recently nevertheless, I was in what may could have been called a relationship, maybe. For all intents and purposes, I treated it like a relationship. But it wasn’t one. There was no commitment, not on his end. He told me he wasn’t readyContinue reading “NO MORE FROGS (Free Indeed)”

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