New Year: Same Me. Why it’s ok to not change with the new year.

2023  New Year.  New Me.  Or…Better Me? While the message of this rhyme is powerful, some of the sentiment may be a bit misplaced. Why do we seek to change every new year, like as if at the stroke of midnight – all of the bad decisions, calories and heartbreak of the old year isContinue reading “New Year: Same Me. Why it’s ok to not change with the new year.”

I’m hurting, too… Job’s Wife’s Untold Truth

During this holiday season, I want to share a short mini blog-series about suffering in seeming silence, and what it looks like to suffer alone with no one noticing. This topic is relevant to Singles and especially during the holiday season, but I believe that many others will find yourself relating to the content thatContinue reading “I’m hurting, too… Job’s Wife’s Untold Truth”

12 Days of MISSMas: Day 4 Recharge

On the 4th Day of MISSMas I give to Me the gift of…A ‘Recharge’ Day. We take life way too seriously. Like for real. I’m not saying that things aren’t going on in the world that are very serious and very heartwrenching, what I am saying is that we need to learn to slow downContinue reading “12 Days of MISSMas: Day 4 Recharge”

So the Journey begins…

Singleness is not where we just happen to be; it is where God has divinely placed us. If God put you here then there is no way that He can forget or overlook you. NOT Another Singles Book – Chapter 3 NOT Another Singles BookA Guide to Living Single in a Dating World:Love yourself andContinue reading “So the Journey begins…”

Like Fire…

Sometimes I wish God would miss me with this ministry. Like, miss me bruh, miss me. Maybe I’m being a bit too transparent, but I owe it to you and myself to say what many are too afraid or self-righteous to admit. Ministry is hard. Having a calling on your life that is meant toContinue reading “Like Fire…”

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