NOT Another Singles Book

Release Date: October 2011

The author’s debut book, NOT Another Singles Book, is just that. This hard-hitting, insightful, and at times humorous book written by a self-proclaimed Reformed Serial Monogamist will have you throwing away every negative viewpoint you have heard about Singleness and focusing on fulfilling God’s purpose in it. It is a simple, yet eye-opening view of Singleness as something to get into, instead of a grave sentence to get out of. Singleness has a distinct, designed purpose crafted by the Almighty Author of Time, and this book will start (or assist you in continuing) your journey in discovering the wonderful things God has in store for this season.

This book is written for Singles by a Single, which brings a different perspective to the time which some people dreadfully call the ‘in-between time’. By the end of this book, you will think of your Singleness as a gift and stop trying to get out of it—before you actually get into it.

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