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NOT Another Singles Book

“This witty and incredibly insightful book will show you how to understand the difference between being alone and choosing loneliness. It will challenge you to relinquish your victim role that says someone is holding out on you, and empower you to take ownership of your satisfaction, while taking you on a journey of self-love that will leave you breathless. This practical guide, written in the author’s humorous, yet direct style will have you anticipating the greatest journey that you will ever discover, all within yourself.

This Singles book is written by an actual Single, so you can trust that the journey through has been tried and rings true. You are not forgotten, Beloved. You are not overlooked. You are Enough, just as you are – simply because Christ has chosen you.

NOT Another Singles Book: The Workbook

Let’s go deeper!
This season of our lives is too important and too rich to squander with some feel-good emotions not backed with some real-life action steps. If you are ready to get EVERYTHING that you can out of this season, get rich in healing and purpose, and finally become the best version of yourself, not just for your future spouse – but for you…trust me in this journey. The activities in this book empower you to look at the person you see in the mirror, and reckon with her, sister. To honestly evaluate who you are as a man and make changes to holistically become a better one, brother. Let’s get real. Let’s get healed. Let’s get whole.

Wording for NOT Another Singles Devotional:

NOT Another Singles Devotional
“Are you tired of meeting ‘Mr./Mrs. Right’ only to find out weeks later, that they were really only ‘Mr./Mrs. Right NOW’?
And most importantly…
Are you tired of being told to ‘Just wait, honey’, with absolutely no idea what you are actually waiting for?

Then, this honest and heart-felt devotional is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. A chance to detox from the superficial, shallow relationships of the world and feast on the supernatural, sanctifying relationship with our Savior. You are now in the presence of The Answer. Don’t you dare live another day not unlocking everything that is in store for you in this Single Season. “

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