Why Mental Health IS the Priority for 2023: Being mentally present and available

#mentalhealthmatters has over a billion tags on TikTok and several million on Instagram, but as I search the hashtag I see a wide variety of content, much of it glossing over what mental health truly is.  And that makes sense because there are several components of mental health and not a lot of them areContinue reading “Why Mental Health IS the Priority for 2023: Being mentally present and available”

Who Are You, Really?

WHO ARE YOU? Really, like who are you? Many of us have gotten this question over the year, we’ve even asked ourselves this same question, but we typically stop short of actually answering the question – instead we describe what we’ve done, what we have, what we are currently doing, but that’s not who youContinue reading “Who Are You, Really?”

You are (STILL) Worthy

Have you ever thought – I’ve gone too far? I’ve done too much? I’ve done too little? I don’t even know HOW to find my way out of this? Well, you aren’t alone. What happens when we’ve gone through so much or brought so much upon ourselves that seemingly our value is diminished? Can thisContinue reading “You are (STILL) Worthy”

DAY 11: Cast off into the Deep End

NOT Another Singles Devotional Excerpt MEMORIZE: Proverbs 19:21  Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but the counsel of the Lord will stand. READ: Psalm 127 CHALLENGE #11: Think of your “list”’, those characteristics and traits that you believe your spouse must have, or if you are like former me, unfold your 3 pageContinue reading “DAY 11: Cast off into the Deep End”

Should you be looking & What you will find: Analysis of Proverbs 18:22

Proverbs 18:22 He who finds a wife finds a good thing and inherits the favor of the Lord. Now everyone knows this scripture, but have you ever researched it? We have been taught that this clarifies that THE MAN is supposed to FIND the WIFE, and we use it to justify why a woman shouldContinue reading “Should you be looking & What you will find: Analysis of Proverbs 18:22”


You don’t want to miss this FREE event. Single NOT Alone weekly experiences began in January. SNA is a monthly coaching and mentor call that takes 4 major topics Single women experience and breaks them into relevant and practical tips with insightful dialogue. If you missed January, you definitely don’t want to miss the nextContinue reading “FREE MASTERCLASS TONIGHT!!”

You might be out of Egypt, but is Egypt out of you?

Excerpt from NOT Another Singles Devotional Feb 2021: “When the Israelites were released from Egypt, God lead them the long way, because He knew their hearts weren’t strong enough to face war yet. In the same way for us Singles, delay is not denial. God recognizes that it takes longer to get Egypt out ofContinue reading “You might be out of Egypt, but is Egypt out of you?”

Single, Not Alone – understanding the difference

In my first book, NOT Another Singles Book, I discuss in great detail the difference between being alone and feeling lonely. If you struggle with understanding this difference, you aren’t the only one. We’ve never been taught the fine line of being alone and being ok with it. Being alone is a matter of circumstanceContinue reading “Single, Not Alone – understanding the difference”

So the Journey begins…

Singleness is not where we just happen to be; it is where God has divinely placed us. If God put you here then there is no way that He can forget or overlook you. NOT Another Singles Book – Chapter 3 NOT Another Singles BookA Guide to Living Single in a Dating World:Love yourself andContinue reading “So the Journey begins…”

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