12 Days of Singlemas

On the first day of Singlemas, my Boothang gave to me…

For the next 12 days I’ll be sharing tips, strategies and topics that are relevant to all Singles, no matter where you fall on the spectrum of boo-dom.

Journey with me!

On the 1st day of Singlemas, my Boothang gave to me – a Table for 1 😉

Tips on eating out Alone.

Would love to hear your feedback and want to challenge you to take yourself out this holiday season and share your experience…

Have you taken yourself  on a date recently?

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I lost everything… too

Continuing with Job’s wife’s story (if you missed blog 1 in the series, please read below to catch up before reading this one for context), this part 2 is intimate. And I’m sure many can relate.

So we’re back. In the first blog, we acknowledged that Job’s wife (and why doesn’t she have a name?) was under the covenant of Job so her life was spared as a result of her connection.

As I was re-reading Job 1-2 a few things stuck out to me that I want to highlight to you. In chapter 1, Job consistently covered and prayed for his family. He prayed for his sons and daughters that if they had sinned, they would be covered. I find it interesting that Job’s wife is not mentioned in the prayers. We would assume that she was included, but she isn’t mentioned.

In chapter 1 verses 13-19, havoc strikes. Satan is given permission to touch everything but Job himself and that joker gets to work. One right after the other, a servant escapes disaster and comes to share that all the oxen, sheep, camels were gone. Destroyed and all the servants killed with them. Then comes the biggest blow – his children, the very ones that Job was praying and covering daily. They were another casualty in satan’s test. Wow. It stings to word it like that, right. That death can hit so close to home, and it’s meant to test our relationship and devotion to God. While I don’t think that we serve a God that is casual with our lives, I am certain that many situations that we face give us the opportunity to prove where our trust lies, in people – things or in God and His sovereignty.

Where was Job’s wife during this time? Read verses 13-19 again, but instead of the servant telling Job that everything he had worked for, covered and prayed over, that he cherished was gone – imagine that the servant is speaking to Job AND HIS WIFE. It’s unlikely that she wasn’t in the presence of her husband when the bad reports were coming in.

Job’s wife lost her cattle, oxen, camel, sheep, livelihood.


Every blow that Job was dealt, she was holding the same hand. Imagine for a second being met with disaster after disaster, and then to get the news that all of your children have been killed and only a servant was spared just to share the bad news.

I want us to take a moment to reflect here, cause in the next blog we will dig into some of what she must have been feeling. But, I want you to take a moment and just reflect.

Have you ever been in this situation? Have you lost something or someone important in your life, but your pain is overlooked? Have you had a dream or prayer completely upended and never got the opportunity to mourn its death?

Job’s wife lost everything along with Job, yet her pain and sorrow doesn’t get to take up space, because she is still expected to carry on, she still has duties, she still has to hold it together.

So many of us, especially during this time of year, feel this. And we feel this hard. The Holidays are hard for so many people yet, it’s a time of celebration and light and love and gifts and sparkles, and sometimes it feels like our pain doesn’t get to take up space. We are expected to enjoy cocoa and matching pajamas and Hallmark movies, but when do we get to acknowledge that we thought this holiday would be different? That we thought this would be the year that we were introducing our fiancé to the family? Or this Christmas our marriage would be restored, yet you just signed the divorce papers? Insert your ‘I thought this year’ story here… you get to take up space here. You get to mourn here. You get to not hold it together here. You get to take your mask off here. And be seen.

If this is you, I want to encourage you today. It’s ok not to be ok. It’s ok to mourn, and it’s ok if you don’t do it ‘well’, or in such a manner that others consider to be acceptable, especially others that didn’t face the loss that you did.

Her pain was real. Her pain was unimaginable. Yet her pain was unmentioned.

Keep journeying, next blog – let’s evaluate the way her mourning surfaces and what we can learn from it.

I’m hurting, too… Job’s Wife’s Untold Truth

Suffering In Silence – New Blog Series – Blog 1 of 5

During this holiday season, I want to share a short mini blog-series about suffering in seeming silence, and what it looks like to suffer alone with no one noticing. This topic is relevant to Singles and especially during the holiday season, but I believe that many others will find yourself relating to the content that follows.

Let’s journey together…

In the book of Job, the scene opens up with the highlights of his accomplishments and character. Job was a wonder and he consistently gave all glory to God for his blessings. Job’s IG highlight reel actually matched his real lift, which we all know to be a rare occasion. Job had faith, family and favor.

Then ‘it’ happened. Tragedy. Not because of his actions, but seemingly because of his faithfulness. Because of his hope in God, Job was tested by the enemy to really see if the life he was living of devotion was simply due to all his ‘stuff’ or if it was rooted in his Savior. If you’re unfamiliar with the story – satan asked God (and was given permission) to test Job by wreaking havoc and heartache in every area of his life, short of taking his and his wife’s life (Job 1-2). But stop there… that’s where we want to hang this series – on his wife. In Job 1:12 & 2:6, God gives satan the boundary of sparing only Job’s life, not his wife. So why wasn’t she included in the suffering? Why was her life spared?

The Bible doesn’t say, but I believe it’s because God had a boundary of protection around her due to her covenant with Job. Remember, our enemy knows The Word probably better than many of us (ouch), and he actually has experienced it first hand. So he remembers that in the garden when God joined Adam and Eve, He proclaimed it an unbreakable covenant, the two should become one. So, I’d wager to believe that when God said ‘but spare Job’s life’, his wife was included in that directive. This is another powerful incentive to take marriage mindedness as a serious commitment, and not just something of convenience that we can get out of, if it doesn’t work out.

I needed to take this moment to set the stage for the rest of this series, because this is where we will focus the next 4 blogs…on Job’s wife.

I recently heard a pastor state – ‘aren’t you glad that your worst mistakes aren’t broadcast for the entire world to judge and use as examples?’ That hit home.

Remember, we are reading the Bible, but they were ‘living the Bible’. Completely different experience, right? Think about those uncertain times in your life, those long nights, those lonely days, those crying until nothing else is coming out weeks, those ‘I’ll just figure it out on my own’ attempts, those months of heartache, those times when you were too afraid to pray because you didn’t even know WHAT to pray…those times when the outcome was so uncertain, the times when your faith did fail. Remember those?

Maybe you don’t have to think so far back. Maybe you are in one of those times now…well, there’s hope. Let’s journey together through Job’s wife’s story and find encouragement in an unlikely place.

Reflective Questions:

Have you ever thought about the wife? What was your initial judgement (if you don’t like this word, let’s use analysis 😉) of her throughout the scripture?

The Courtship Application – Would you date YOU?

In today’s dating environment, us Singles can fall into the trap of thinking and believing that there are no good men/women left. If you would take the time to think about it, that thought process doesn’t even make sense. No one goes looking for a treasure that they don’t believe exists. In the same way, if you truly believed there weren’t any ‘good’ or ‘suitable’ mates available, then you would hang up your Red Bottoms and/or Tims and check yourself out of the game. But nope, none of us are doing that. We are still putting ourselves out there – hoping, praying, wishing to find the elusive one.

What if I told you that there was a better way? What if it was as easy (easy as in the only person you have to worry about is yourself) becoming the right person instead of looking for the right one?

What you talkin’ bout, Willis?

I know but hear me out. We all have a list, right? Whether it’s written in our journal, saved on our hard drive, or etched in our brains, we have a list of preferences and standards that we desire in our future mates. Some of the things on there are valid – God-fearing, respectful, trustworthy – and some of them are a bit more preferential and surface – over 6ft, cute in the face & thick in the waist 😉, but it’s our list and I’m not here to tell you to get rid of it.

Yep you heard right, you can keep your list. I know this is different, because I’ve been told in the past that my list of hardfast preferences could be causing me to miss out on some good potentials. Now that will be a separate blog, but for now, let’s hold on to the list as a point of reference. I want you to take out your current list of preferences, standards, non-negotiables and give it a good look. Is everything on there still valid? Do you need to update it? If so, take a moment and do so.

You back? Good.

Now, I want you to take your list and evaluate YOURSELF by that list. Gasp! *Jump back in shock for good measure*. Me? Yep, you. If someone of the potential persuasion approached you with your exact same list, would you make the cut? Hmmm…food for thought, right?

Sometimes we are looking for someone that isn’t looking for us. Amen and ouch. Are you the person that the person you are looking for, is looking for? Read that again and let it sink in.

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t cut you open without doing a bit of surgery and stitching you back up to heal. Let me help. I’ve developed The Single NOT Alone Courtship Application© and want to share it with you for FREE! Consider it a birthday gift from me to you…

Here’s an alternative to your list. Download The Single NOT Alone Courtship Application© and use it to dive a bit deeper by becoming your perfect person…before you met your complement…

*Disclaimer – this is not an interview nor should these questions be asked on a first date or with someone that you aren’t seriously committed to or considering a long-term relationship. All questions are not applicable to all situations*

With this ring… I thee Justify.

rugged-wood-cross-with-thorn-crown – Walnut Hill Church of Christ

2020-2021 has been a time when it’s been difficult to connect with friends and family. So, when we happen to run into someone that we haven’t seen in a long time, we often start with the same three questions, or some variations:

  1. How have you been? What have you been up to?
  2. Where do you work? What do you do?
  3. Are you married/dating/seeing anyone?

It never fails. These are the common “catching up” questions, and once answered, we feel like we have re-established a relationship, or at the very least, satisfied the courtesy quota so that we can walk away with a “ok, yes, we will meet up soon. Call/text/DM me,” even if we both know that we won’t. All of these questions aren’t weighed equally. That 3rd question, at least for me -held a very different value – let me tell you why.

As a Single (again), this question is asked more than I want to answer. Even if it’s not asked, I always feel the subtle glance at my bare haunting left ring finger, and then the look in their eyes. Ok, maybe the look is perceived, but the judgement is more times than not, real. (if that word offends you – please follow me to Webster). Judgement is defined as the act or process of forming an opinion or making a decision after careful thought or consideration. This sometimes split-second judgement is the same one that many of us bestow on ourselves: ‘Why am I still Single?’. This doesn’t have to be a negative judgement, but it is a judgement that we make nevertheless.

As I write this, I am sitting at Starbucks, and I find myself glancing at the left hands of those people sitting around me. Unbeknownst to them, I’ve made a rash judgement on their lives, character and/or personality based on whether someone else wants, or at the least wanted them enough to marry them. While validating them, I subconsciously devalued myself.

As Singles, we think a ring will justify, validate us in some way. For those of us that have gone through divorce, the lack of a ring can cause an even greater identity crisis – it almost feels like they can smell the ‘divorced’ on us, that our happily ever after was a lot shorter than we imagined.

Some of us might not be healed enough to admit, so I’ll take one for the team. When we meet someone new, we will look at the ring finger, and don’t even realize that we have done it. I do believe that there is justification in the ring. There is a certain comfort and validation in knowing that you don’t have to face this world alone, that there is someone with whom you get the opportunity to do life with. In this case, the ring does justify that someone, somewhere in the world has made a public declaration that you belong to them. And we as Singles, sometimes automatically disqualify ourselves because we have yet to find that justification.

I’ve been sent to challenge that view.

A while back, Christ offered us all a ring. It wasn’t 3 carats, princess cut, high clarity, rose gold with a crown of baguettes surrounding it. It was brown, bloody, mangled and resting on the head of a Sinless Man crucified on a hill called Golgotha. It was a ring of thorns to symbolize that the King of Kings would not offer us things on this earth that can tatter and rust, but treasures laid up in heaven where neither moth nor vermin can touch. This justification is available to all, Jew and Gentile, Married, Divorced and Single.

You are justified in Christ. You were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of God. Because God chose you and continues to choose you daily, you now choose yourself daily. You do belong to someone, to The Someone. And from a place of healing and wholeness, you belong to yourself.

So I want to challenge the view that a ring will justify you to man. You have been made just in Him, everything else is just the icing on the wedding cake… 🙂

It’s my Anniversary…

This week I celebrated an anniversary that I would have never thought I’d experience.

On August 10th, I’ve been officially divorced for 1 year. I didn’t even realize it until I was moving some things around and caught a glimpse of the divorce decree. As I stopped and picked it up, I had a swell of mixed emotions.

I don’t think that any experience is either all bad or all good. So although my marriage ended due to, what is the catch-all category for all divorces because ‘my husband decided that the traditional vows of forsaking all others was a suggestion or an option and not a definite no-no’ isn’t listed? Oh, yeah – irreconcilable differences, I still don’t consider it all bad.

I’ve reconciled that the man I married, was not the man that I divorced. The man I married was kind and gentle and loving, the man I divorced was intentionally cruel, selfish and hurtful. The man I married made me feel seen, the man I divorced went out of his way to ignore me. The man I married may not have been strong enough or ready enough to fight against the man that I divorced.

Therefore on this week, I choose to remember the man that I married, and send him love and light. I choose to pray that he finds his way back to the surface and has learned and grown strong enough to never lose that man again. And that’s what I choose to believe.

I appreciate all the lessons I’ve learned about myself in this journey, both during the marriage and afterwards. I know this will not be the end of my love story, and I know that when it’s manifested, I will be stronger, wiser and more prepared because what the world may have considered a failure – I now know it was successful in teaching me.

And if you learn more about yourself, your desires, your needs…how can that be a failure?

Check out my post on IG about the lessons and benefits I’ve experienced since then. Like follow and share with anyone that you believe could use this story…

LISTEN – Bey’s voice, Jesus’ heart

A few decades ago before coronavirus (isn't that what it feels like?), as I was leaving church, I was casually greeting people and telling them have a good day and to enjoy service. 

One lady as I was walking towards the parking lot, she was walking towards the church.  I smiled and said "have a good service" and she casually said, "you too". It was obvious that she didn't actually hear what I said (or maybe was too lost in her own thoughts to even care), she was just operating on autopilot and assumed that was the proper response.

That caused me to think and reflect - so I want to share that with you...

How often are we on autopilot, not actually listening to what the other person says but just giving the generic response that we think goes with what they're about to say? When someone ask you, 'hi how are you?', our answer is typically 'fine'. 

But what happens when we aren't fine? 
What happens when that's not the real answer? 
What would happen if we took ourselves off of autopilot and we actually listen to the other person? Connections.

What would happen if we started to expect people to really tell us how they are feeling and we paused long enough to truly listen and encourage? Companionships. 

What would form if we started this new way of interacting at work? at school? in our businesses? on social media? Community.
How would this change your life?

 This is an amen and an ouch post. Because as The Holy Spirit often does, he didn't just leave it there. He challenged me in this area because more often than I would like to admit, my prayers are on autopilot.  How about you? Do you just pray the same prayers over and over again assuming God is listening and taking notes of our requests, but never pausing to listen for His response? 

How many times has he whispered to us, 'Beloved show me your heart. Not the representative that you put on, not the tough skin that you use to survive this sometimes, often times cruel world, but show me your pain, your wounds, your issues - and let me exchange them for something lighter.'? Every Day. 

But not anymore. The same way I was challenged, I challenge you to journey with me today.  I challenge you to listen today. 
Listen intently, not to react but to genuinely respond. To their hurt, their pain, their joy, their truimphs, their struggles.  Be ready to offer a Word of encouragement, accountable companionship and be empowered to step from your autopilot day and connect with the community around 

Are you listening? I am.

Share your comments below...we'd love to hear from you. 

So you wanna write a book? Tips & Strategies for writing your story…

Have you thought about writing a book, yet can’t figure out where to start?

Do you know that you have a story to tell that will change the world, or even just your corner of the world – but find yourself overwhelmed with the sheer thought of it?

I’ve been there. I’ve stared at a blank screen, an empty notebook page and just stared. Nothing. I knew I had a story and I know that it needs to be told, but I didn’t even know where I would begin…so trust me I know what you are feeling, and thinking, and stressing.

But I also know that burning desire inside of you. I know that drive to birth the book that has been right on the edge for months, for years. The book that you’ve picked up in a burst of creative energy and written 15 pages, then life got messy and you didn’t look at it again for 2 years.

How would you like to stop – stopping? How would you like to FINALLY finish that book? It took me 6 months to write my first book, but 12 years to start the next one because I allowed life to snuff out the drive in me. Through numerous courses, trainings, coaching and books – I’ve learned the 5 best tips and strategies that helped me unbottle the creativity that has always been inside of me, and with this knowledge, I revamped and relaunched my first book and wrote my next 2 in less than 5 months, all claiming Amazon Bestseller status within the launch weekend.

Am I special? Well, yes of course 🙂 But so are you! We all are unique and individual and that’s our superpower, there is no one more you than you, and no one can tell your story the way that you can. So let me help you tell it.

I’m going to share an abbreviated version of my 5 tips here for those who are reading this and saying, ‘Yes, LaVonia’ this is me!’, then if you are really ready to go further and stop allowing your excuses to keep you from reintroducing yourself to the world through your written masterpiece…then you’ll love what’s next.

So what are the tips? If you know me, you know that I LOVE acronyms. So this is no different. I’ll use one that you will remember: WRITE.

  • W – what are you going to write and why are YOU the only one that can write it?
    • This is where you dig deep from the beginning. Your topic has been covered before by someone that is more well known, more influential (for now) than you, so your why has to be so deep that you aren’t dissuaded by the second and third step.
  • R – Routine. Schedule the time that you will write/create and how often.
    • Will you write everyday? 3x a week? For how long? And where? Setting a time and place to write each scheduled day is important and vital to reaching your goal and not allowing another year to go by without getting your book finished. Be realistic when you set this – if you haven’t written in 18 months, believing that you will start writing everyday for an hour, is probably not gonna happen – sorry, not sorry.
  • I – Investigate. One of the major mistakes that creatives make – is giving people what they think they need, instead of doing research on what they actually want.
    • Dale Carnegie states that the only way to influence people is to talk about what they want and how you are the one to help them. This points back to your ‘why’. Why are you the only one qualified to tell this story? Research what others are talking about in your topic/niche market and how they are talking about it. What do people respond to the most? The least? Then use this information and test your target market. Release excerpts and ask for feedback.
  • T- Tone. How do you want to write the story? What tone do you want to portray? Is this formal or personal? Will you write in 1st, 2nd, 3rd person? Are you the narrator or a character? What’s the plight of your targeted reader and how do they need to be addressed?
    • I remember 2 of my favorite reviews of my book (although I love each and every one) , 1 was from a person that I had never met: ‘Reading La Vonia’s book is like having a coffee date with your best friend that knows all your business and isn’t afraid to call you out. ‘ Then another from a closer friend: ‘I read entire paragraphs in La Vonia’s voice. Reading this book was like talking to her directly and she knew everything about me’. Dale Carnegie also said ‘talk to someone about themselves and you will have their attention for hours’. Give people what they want and you will inevitably provide what they need.
  • E – once you’ve gotten content on paper – Elevate your work by bringing other people in on the process. Hiring professional help including editors, copywriters, formatters, illustrators ensures that your book has the best chances of being noticed and appreciated for the work of art that it is.

I’m rooting for you, Boo. I want you to win and I can’t wait to read your story. I want to see you succeed because there are a lot of amazing stories that have yet to be told, let’s not allow yours to be one of them.

Want more information about writing a book? I enrolled in Self-Publishing School and wrote 3 Bestsellers with their help and strategies!

Find more information here: https://selfpublishing.com/how-to-write-a-book/

Slow down, LOVE to slow down love: Putting the fun back into intentional dating.

Navigating dating again, or for the first time can be hard. And nerve-wracking. And unsure. And confusing. And difficult. And (insert your stressor here) cause we all have one.

But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, I want to assert that it shouldn’t be. I’ve learned that when we add undue pressures, stress, expectations and conditions – we take the fun out of it ourselves. Once I had this revelation, I was able to take me (the overanalytical, unrealistic expectation having, rule reciting control freak me) out of it, and I freed me (the fun, energetic, belly laugh and do it often, optimistic, let’s see where this goes me) to actually enjoy the process.

After getting it wrong so many times, I’m determined to get it right this time. I want to share a few tips with you that helped me get out of my head, guard my heart and date in hope. Prayerfully, you gain the same insight that I did.

For the sake of this blog, I’m not talking about courtship – in the sense of ‘I’ve found the one that my soul loves and we are only waiting for COVID to go home, before we can share our love with the world in a horse drawn carriage ceremony’. Once you’ve found (or been found by, but don’t get me started on the misinterpretation of this scripture) the person that you’ve made a conscious and determined decision to do life together, you are out of the dating game – prayerfully for good. So this article might not directly apply to you, but you may still gain some reminders.

Dating should be informative

Look at dating as information gathering and that takes so much of the pressure off. You are free to be you and they are free to be themselves and your goal is to see if it’s a fit. This is an uncontrolled experience that isn’t manipulated to put your representative out there to get the girl, but then show up with a different presentation once you got her. This isn’t a time for us ladies to showcase our most perfect, supportive carefree imitation, when we know that we haven’t actually cultivated this personality. You have my permission to be you, boo. That’s it. Allow the person that has gained your interest to just be themselves. This gives you an opportunity to gather enough data pretty early to determine if this is worth your time or not. And remember, if you don’t fit doesn’t mean that the other person isn’t a good person, just that they’re not a good FIT for you, so no character assassination necessary. ‘We just aren’t a good fit’ – is a whole mood, explanation, and sentence. Then keep it moving.

Dating should be interactive

No one wants a penpal – unless that’s what you do want, and if that’s the case make that clear. We are all busy, and if you aren’t – where’s your life, bro? But that doesn’t mean that if you have willfully entered into the dating arena, that you use that as an excuse to prolong, i.e – waste someone’s time, when you know you have no intent of appropriately interacting with them. Now, what is appropriate? That’s the best part – you both get to determine the level of interactions that are comfortable and appropriate for you both. We all find time for the things that we make a priority, so if the person isn’t making time for you, and excited to do so – then refer to my appropriate exit line in the first tip, and keep it moving. There’s your information. But a word of caution that I recently had to swallow with my own humble pie: this person had a full life WITHOUT you, just a few days, weeks, months before they met you. It’s unrealistic and unfair to expect them to now rearrange everything or most things to give you all their free time. Set times to interact and be clear about the expectations that you have (returned texts, weekly dates, talking every other day, etc) to determine if this fits the other’s expectations and availability as well.

Dating should be intentional

Ain’t nobody got time for games. We are all grown, grown – so here’s the gut and heart check. MAKE. YOUR. INTENTIONS. KNOWN. And as soon as you know them. If you realize that this person isn’t a good fit, because they don’t meet certain characteristics that you would like to be present – tell them that and move on. No one deserves to be kept around as a ‘just maybe’ or if you’ve read ‘NOT Another Singles Book’ (and if you haven’t get it here!) as a potential – just in case you get bored or need your ego stroked by a person that likes you, but it’s a no for you. We don’t treat our brothers and sisters in Christ that way, and that’s what this person is – or at least, should be.

Dating should be interdependent

A relationship should be private, but it should never be a secret. I’m not saying tell everyone about every Tom, Mary, and Shawn that you are interested in, but you should definitely have some trusted friends that you can talk through your feelings and emotions with, as a sounding board and as sound advice. If you are doing or dating someone (I said what I said) and your best friends don’t know about it – there’s your data as well.

Dating should NOT be intense

Back to the whole premise of this blog. Ease up, hon. Take the pressure off and let whatever will develop, develop. Be patient in figuring it out, you don’t need to know his entire family and medical history in the first week, and fellas you don’t get a monopoly of her time because you decided to invest a bit of interest right off the bat. Dating is an adjustment period for both parties, so show grace. Things happen, plans change, emergencies come up – be ok with life getting in the way of some of the best intentions. Use this as data gathering too – Do I still feel like a priority (in a realistic, I just met you yesterday, bruh way) or does something always ‘come up’ when we are planning to interact? Does this person not have the amount of time that I would like to be dedicated to these interactions, and is it negotiable? Remember, no need to blame, shame or guilt a person into squeezing you into their life – just simply exercise your power to leave. That’s ok.

Ladies: show appreciation for what he is doing.

Men: do something to gain the appreciation.

It could all be so simple, don’t make it hard.

Slow down, Love (take your time getting to know someone, the real someone) to slow down love (don’t awaken feelings, emotions, desires and expectations for a relationship that hasn’t built the proper foundation for it).

Let’s journey together…

Journey to Contentment NEW FREE COURSE!!

Welcome to the Journey!

Hello and welcome to the Journey! Watch this short video to get more insight on my heart for this course and what I desire for you to discover during it. 

This is a mini course of three lessons on Contentment and how to get there or stay there. This course is free and will always be free because you can’t afford to not get this information. 

Getting to contentment is the Single most important thing that you will do in your Singles journey (pun intended) because it is the root and foundation of everything else. If you don’t get to contentment in where you are in life, even as you anticipate your next season, you will struggle in every other area. 

In this course I promise you three things:

  1.  To define contentment and tell you why it is the Single most detrimental joy killer to Singles. 
  2. To teach you how to get to contentment by eliminating all of the babble and background noise and getting to know your heart. 
  3. To give you tips on how to maintain your contentment even when your life doesn’t look like you planned. 

In return – I only ask for two things:

  1. That you go all in. Watch each video, download each task, do each activity. Allow this message to sink deep into the good soil of your heart and watch God do what only He can do. 
  2. Leave me a review of the course and if you get ANY value, please share it with a friend. 

This mini course has three modules. I don’t recommend doing them all in one sitting because you aren’t able to really process and adequately dive into the categories, but if that’s how you roll then go ahead! I just ask that you give it your all so that you can get all out of it. 

I’m honored to journey with you. Are you ready?


La Vonia

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