12 Days of Singlemas

On the first day of Singlemas, my Boothang gave to me… For the next 12 days I’ll be sharing tips, strategies and topics that are relevant to all Singles, no matter where you fall on the spectrum of boo-dom. Journey with me! On the 1st day of Singlemas, my Boothang gave to me – aContinue reading “12 Days of Singlemas”

I lost everything… too

Continuing with Job’s wife’s story (if you missed blog 1 in the series, please read below to catch up before reading this one for context), this part 2 is intimate. And I’m sure many can relate. So we’re back. In the first blog, we acknowledged that Job’s wife (and why doesn’t she have a name?)Continue reading “I lost everything… too”

I’m hurting, too… Job’s Wife’s Untold Truth

During this holiday season, I want to share a short mini blog-series about suffering in seeming silence, and what it looks like to suffer alone with no one noticing. This topic is relevant to Singles and especially during the holiday season, but I believe that many others will find yourself relating to the content thatContinue reading “I’m hurting, too… Job’s Wife’s Untold Truth”

The Courtship Application – Would you date YOU?

In today’s dating environment, us Singles can fall into the trap of thinking and believing that there are no good men/women left. If you would take the time to think about it, that thought process doesn’t even make sense. No one goes looking for a treasure that they don’t believe exists. In the same way,Continue reading “The Courtship Application – Would you date YOU?”

With this ring… I thee Justify.

2020-2021 has been a time when it’s been difficult to connect with friends and family. So, when we happen to run into someone that we haven’t seen in a long time, we often start with the same three questions, or some variations: How have you been? What have you been up to? Where do youContinue reading “With this ring… I thee Justify.”

It’s my Anniversary…

This week I celebrated an anniversary that I would have never thought I’d experience. On August 10th, I’ve been officially divorced for 1 year. I didn’t even realize it until I was moving some things around and caught a glimpse of the divorce decree. As I stopped and picked it up, I had a swellContinue reading “It’s my Anniversary…”

LISTEN – Bey’s voice, Jesus’ heart

A few decades ago before coronavirus (isn’t that what it feels like?), as I was leaving church, I was casually greeting people and telling them have a good day and to enjoy service. One lady as I was walking towards the parking lot, she was walking towards the church. I smiled and said “have aContinue reading “LISTEN – Bey’s voice, Jesus’ heart”

So you wanna write a book? Tips & Strategies for writing your story…

Have you thought about writing a book, yet can’t figure out where to start? Do you know that you have a story to tell that will change the world, or even just your corner of the world – but find yourself overwhelmed with the sheer thought of it? I’ve been there. I’ve stared at aContinue reading “So you wanna write a book? Tips & Strategies for writing your story…”

Slow down, LOVE to slow down love: Putting the fun back into intentional dating.

Navigating dating again, or for the first time can be hard. And nerve-wracking. And unsure. And confusing. And difficult. And (insert your stressor here) cause we all have one. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, I want to assert that it shouldn’t be. I’ve learned that when we add undue pressures, stress, expectationsContinue reading “Slow down, LOVE to slow down love: Putting the fun back into intentional dating.”

Journey to Contentment NEW FREE COURSE!!

Hello and welcome to the Journey! Watch this short video to get more insight on my heart for this course and what I desire for you to discover during it.  This is a mini course of three lessons on Contentment and how to get there or stay there. This course is free and will alwaysContinue reading “Journey to Contentment NEW FREE COURSE!!”

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