Trauma Bonds – when I love the things & people that don’t love me…

Trauma Bonding in 3 minutes…

Whew Trauma Bonds… this is such a vicious cycle that many people like to throw the term around without truly understanding it.

The thing about a trauma bond is that recognizing it so hard once you’re in it. To be love bombed is literally intoxicating, so much so that you will accept 2 months of amazing behavior and then stick around for another 2 years of awful behavior trying to get that loving feeling back.

Your dopamine levels are overloaded and you become addicted. So you will stay through lies, dependency, criticism, manipulation and gaslighting to try to get that ‘first high’ feeling again.

I’m not gonna give you butterflies with this one: if you are in a trauma bond it is HELL to break it, but it’s also HELL to stay in it too. But you CAN get out – I did! And I want you to know and believe without a shadow of a doubt that freedom is available to you as well.

Until you know you need help, you won’t ask for it. And until the idea of a better future shakes you from the reality that you have been settling for in your present time – you will stay stagnant and stuck in your norm – even if it’s dysfunctional.

But there’s hope. Today is the day that you start to take a step towards the new you. The healed, healthy, WHOLE you. This is the first step.

If while reading this, you saw your current state in this cycle – let today be the day that changed it all. Book a free discovery call with me and let’s journey together.


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