It’s my Anniversary…

This week I celebrated an anniversary that I would have never thought I’d experience.

On August 10th, I’ve been officially divorced for 1 year. I didn’t even realize it until I was moving some things around and caught a glimpse of the divorce decree. As I stopped and picked it up, I had a swell of mixed emotions.

I don’t think that any experience is either all bad or all good. So although my marriage ended due to, what is the catch-all category for all divorces because ‘my husband decided that the traditional vows of forsaking all others was a suggestion or an option and not a definite no-no’ isn’t listed? Oh, yeah – irreconcilable differences, I still don’t consider it all bad.

I’ve reconciled that the man I married, was not the man that I divorced. The man I married was kind and gentle and loving, the man I divorced was intentionally cruel, selfish and hurtful. The man I married made me feel seen, the man I divorced went out of his way to ignore me. The man I married may not have been strong enough or ready enough to fight against the man that I divorced.

Therefore on this week, I choose to remember the man that I married, and send him love and light. I choose to pray that he finds his way back to the surface and has learned and grown strong enough to never lose that man again. And that’s what I choose to believe.

I appreciate all the lessons I’ve learned about myself in this journey, both during the marriage and afterwards. I know this will not be the end of my love story, and I know that when it’s manifested, I will be stronger, wiser and more prepared because what the world may have considered a failure – I now know it was successful in teaching me.

And if you learn more about yourself, your desires, your needs…how can that be a failure?

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