So you wanna write a book? Tips & Strategies for writing your story…

Have you thought about writing a book, yet can’t figure out where to start?

Do you know that you have a story to tell that will change the world, or even just your corner of the world – but find yourself overwhelmed with the sheer thought of it?

I’ve been there. I’ve stared at a blank screen, an empty notebook page and just stared. Nothing. I knew I had a story and I know that it needs to be told, but I didn’t even know where I would begin…so trust me I know what you are feeling, and thinking, and stressing.

But I also know that burning desire inside of you. I know that drive to birth the book that has been right on the edge for months, for years. The book that you’ve picked up in a burst of creative energy and written 15 pages, then life got messy and you didn’t look at it again for 2 years.

How would you like to stop – stopping? How would you like to FINALLY finish that book? It took me 6 months to write my first book, but 12 years to start the next one because I allowed life to snuff out the drive in me. Through numerous courses, trainings, coaching and books – I’ve learned the 5 best tips and strategies that helped me unbottle the creativity that has always been inside of me, and with this knowledge, I revamped and relaunched my first book and wrote my next 2 in less than 5 months, all claiming Amazon Bestseller status within the launch weekend.

Am I special? Well, yes of course 🙂 But so are you! We all are unique and individual and that’s our superpower, there is no one more you than you, and no one can tell your story the way that you can. So let me help you tell it.

I’m going to share an abbreviated version of my 5 tips here for those who are reading this and saying, ‘Yes, LaVonia’ this is me!’, then if you are really ready to go further and stop allowing your excuses to keep you from reintroducing yourself to the world through your written masterpiece…then you’ll love what’s next.

So what are the tips? If you know me, you know that I LOVE acronyms. So this is no different. I’ll use one that you will remember: WRITE.

  • W – what are you going to write and why are YOU the only one that can write it?
    • This is where you dig deep from the beginning. Your topic has been covered before by someone that is more well known, more influential (for now) than you, so your why has to be so deep that you aren’t dissuaded by the second and third step.
  • R – Routine. Schedule the time that you will write/create and how often.
    • Will you write everyday? 3x a week? For how long? And where? Setting a time and place to write each scheduled day is important and vital to reaching your goal and not allowing another year to go by without getting your book finished. Be realistic when you set this – if you haven’t written in 18 months, believing that you will start writing everyday for an hour, is probably not gonna happen – sorry, not sorry.
  • I – Investigate. One of the major mistakes that creatives make – is giving people what they think they need, instead of doing research on what they actually want.
    • Dale Carnegie states that the only way to influence people is to talk about what they want and how you are the one to help them. This points back to your ‘why’. Why are you the only one qualified to tell this story? Research what others are talking about in your topic/niche market and how they are talking about it. What do people respond to the most? The least? Then use this information and test your target market. Release excerpts and ask for feedback.
  • T- Tone. How do you want to write the story? What tone do you want to portray? Is this formal or personal? Will you write in 1st, 2nd, 3rd person? Are you the narrator or a character? What’s the plight of your targeted reader and how do they need to be addressed?
    • I remember 2 of my favorite reviews of my book (although I love each and every one) , 1 was from a person that I had never met: ‘Reading La Vonia’s book is like having a coffee date with your best friend that knows all your business and isn’t afraid to call you out. ‘ Then another from a closer friend: ‘I read entire paragraphs in La Vonia’s voice. Reading this book was like talking to her directly and she knew everything about me’. Dale Carnegie also said ‘talk to someone about themselves and you will have their attention for hours’. Give people what they want and you will inevitably provide what they need.
  • E – once you’ve gotten content on paper – Elevate your work by bringing other people in on the process. Hiring professional help including editors, copywriters, formatters, illustrators ensures that your book has the best chances of being noticed and appreciated for the work of art that it is.

I’m rooting for you, Boo. I want you to win and I can’t wait to read your story. I want to see you succeed because there are a lot of amazing stories that have yet to be told, let’s not allow yours to be one of them.

Want more information about writing a book? I enrolled in Self-Publishing School and wrote 3 Bestsellers with their help and strategies!

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  1. These are great tips, and yes, sometimes waiting to write your book can go on for years. I took 8 years before I started. Wishing you all the best with your event!

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