Journey to Contentment NEW FREE COURSE!!

Welcome to the Journey!

Hello and welcome to the Journey! Watch this short video to get more insight on my heart for this course and what I desire for you to discover during it. 

This is a mini course of three lessons on Contentment and how to get there or stay there. This course is free and will always be free because you can’t afford to not get this information. 

Getting to contentment is the Single most important thing that you will do in your Singles journey (pun intended) because it is the root and foundation of everything else. If you don’t get to contentment in where you are in life, even as you anticipate your next season, you will struggle in every other area. 

In this course I promise you three things:

  1.  To define contentment and tell you why it is the Single most detrimental joy killer to Singles. 
  2. To teach you how to get to contentment by eliminating all of the babble and background noise and getting to know your heart. 
  3. To give you tips on how to maintain your contentment even when your life doesn’t look like you planned. 

In return – I only ask for two things:

  1. That you go all in. Watch each video, download each task, do each activity. Allow this message to sink deep into the good soil of your heart and watch God do what only He can do. 
  2. Leave me a review of the course and if you get ANY value, please share it with a friend. 

This mini course has three modules. I don’t recommend doing them all in one sitting because you aren’t able to really process and adequately dive into the categories, but if that’s how you roll then go ahead! I just ask that you give it your all so that you can get all out of it. 

I’m honored to journey with you. Are you ready?


La Vonia

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