You might be out of Egypt, but is Egypt out of you?

Excerpt from NOT Another Singles Devotional Feb 2021:

“When the Israelites were released from Egypt, God lead them the long way, because He knew their hearts weren’t strong enough to face war yet. In the same way for us Singles, delay is not denial. God recognizes that it takes longer to get Egypt out of us than to get us out of Egypt. You may be physically out of that last relationship, last sin, last misstep, but in your mind, you’re still there.

There are certain habits and issues you are still dealing with that God can’t allow you to take into your Promised Land. Because He is a God of movement, He will take us on a detour to get to where we need to go, while He works that Egypt mentality out of us.

God knew that the Israelites would have run back into their slave situations if they saw even the prospect of war, because they still had the slave mindset. Likewise, you may not be ready for that. You may not be strong enough to stand and fight for your peace, for your contentment, for your joy – for whatever it is that the enemy will use to convince you that God has forgotten you; so, God desires to lead you around it. It will take longer, but there is so much beauty in the journey that you might never see if you just rush into a relationship.”





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