2020 in Review – oh what a year…

This year has been one for the books – and I’ve been broken and blessed through it all. Journey with me, through a few of the highs and lows…

  1. January – secretly filed for divorce from my emotionally abusive, adulterous, dishonest now ex-husband.
  2. February – gained weight, emotionally drained, depressed and probably in one of my lowest states. Bought a new car. Gave my old car to my brother.
  3. March – experienced a lockdown due to Covid-19. Started working from home, but lost my second source of income.
  4. April – drew closer to God and knew that I needed help to get through this. Started therapy and getting mentor counseling.
  5. May – joined KRAVE Fitness – but didn’t really invest. Was voted Chaplain of my sorority and struggled because even praying for myself was a struggle daily. My doubt and faith were low and mentally – I just couldn’t.
  6. June – joined KRAVE Glow up monthly challenge and got a group of the most loving, accepting, encouraging and motivating women as family. First time I openly discussed my divorce and finally started the healing process – instead of covering and numbing. Lost 20 lbs.
  7. July – dug into my mental and physical health FULL FORCE. Forgave myself for the my part in the divorce, released myself from the shame that wasn’t mine to carry. Lost 12 lbs.
  8. August – created safe spaces in my life and limits in areas to continue healing. DIVORCE WAS FINALIZED. Lost 13 lbs. Decided to relaunch my first book after 7 years.
  9. September – found out about more deceit by my ex-husband and realized my indifference. Prayed for mercy instead of justice for him and rested in the freedom that forgiveness gave me. Joined Self-Publishing school and my motivation and creativity was restored and refreshed like never before. Registered for my NCE exam to began Licensed Professional Counselor process.
  10. October – relaunched NOT Another Singles Book. Did a Launch party with several other creatives and feel more in love with the woman that I have become, after the storm. Book reached #1 Amazon Best-seller in 4 categories and sold over 500 copies in the first 2 weeks (2nd source of income). Continued to gain muscle and heal my relationship with food. No more numbing and hiding – learned to feel the feelings.
  11. November – launched paperback book. Started NOT Another Singles Workbook, revamped book, marketing of book. Hosted my first (of this kind) Mentorship call for Single women – 50 registrants (this was a big deal) – lost a total of 52 lbs. Published second book ‘What do the Single do at Christmas’. Joined EVERYDAY Seminary with Dr. Dharius Daniels.
  12. December – began learning to trade (3rd source of income). Launched Single NOT Alone group calls for Single women, had intro call and subscribers (4th source of income). Learned the meaning of rest and regrouping. Fell more in love with myself and released my strength. God healed the wounds. My scars are now beauty marks. Gave a crazy faith offering with Transformation Church.

There are so many other things that I can highlight/recap including:

1. I read 18-20 books this year –working a full-time job, getting a divorce, creating multiple streams of income, and healing my mental health – that’s a lot.

2. I now have 4 streams of income – they all will bring me income in each month of 2021. I will create 3 more this year.

3. I’m using my struggle as other women’s lessons to walk them through the healing that the Lord was gracious and faithful enough to pull me through.

4. I’m open to dating again. Now if I were to tell you the whole Lifetime movie (and not the Christmas kind) of my marriage, this is a very big deal.

5. I kept alive my first plant – ever, in my life. And grew my own food – kale.

6.  I see my 94 yo grandma everyday and hug her and play bingo and do puzzles with her. This is joy.

7. I truly learned the meaning of Psalm 147:3 ‘God heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds’

I’m still here. I’m still whole. Just because it’s not how it used to be – doesn’t mean that it’s not exactly how it’s SUPPOSED to be.

2021 – oh, what a journey you will be.

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