The One He Kept

Published January 23, 2017 by lavoniartryon

PhotoGrid_1485143526660.pngThis blog won’t be long. It won’t be drawn out and poetical. There will be plenty of time for that. I’m now realizing that I had to fluff up my other situationships, because they didn’t have any true essence on their own accord. I was convincing others while trying to fool myself into believing that the end wasn’t in sight.

Until him. He is my safe place. There is no pretense, no representative, no put your best foot forward. He simply accepts me and loves me and shows me more grace than, outside of Christ, I have ever seen. He is kind, gentle, strong, sure. He tells me I’m beautiful more with a head scarf on then he does when I’m in 5 inch heels. He protects my virtue and my heart. He heals the areas that I didn’t even know were broken.

God sent him. There is no other explanation. Right at the appointed time, he walked into my life and unpacked his bags and my baggage. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rolled my eyes at married couples when they say,  ‘you’ll just know. I just knew this was it’. That’s not me, I need practical. Like, HOW? How do you know? What do you feel, what does he do, what does she say? Until he made me a believer. I just know. I think I knew the first day we met.

I have been found by the One my soul loves. When I was ready to give up, when I was content to go back into my hiatus, God had a different plan. My last breakup was one last trial, a practice lap to make sure that I was ready to endure the marathon that this love will be.

He is Ephesians 3:20 personified. I couldn’t even have imagined him. His actions have taken the place of any words that I could ever say. Journey with us…

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