Intro to “Through My Eyes: The 30 Day Experience” December 2016

Published November 30, 2016 by lavoniartryon

ARE YOU SINGLE? At times this can seem like a four-letter curse word. When you get this dreaded question from family, friends, the random guy at Starbucks, it makes your insides cringe. What’s worse, is the dreaded response that usually follows your hesitant affirmation. Have you ever heard this response, “Oh…you’re SINGLE? Oh, ok. Well, just keep waiting, your someone will come”?

So that’s what we do. We wait. And we wait. Then, we wait some more. Until hopefully, one day, we wake up and decide to ask the determining question: WHAT am I waiting for? In the answer, I believe lies our freedom to enjoy this time. When we begin to look at our lives and decide that “waiting” requires action, we will start to look for the things that we should be doing in our Single Season.

So, why is this journey prolonged, or why does it often seem like stop and go traffic? Just when we think a lane is opening up and we are making progress, we inch back to a standstill. From my extensive experience, I think for a couple of reasons. One reason could be that our first single spell (or if you are like me-spells), only matured us to a fraction of our potential. We see better than we did before, yet everything is not as clear as it could be. We can recognize some red flags, but we are still missing huge yellow caution signs. Next, they (no one ever knows who “they” is) say that repetition is a key component of memorization and internalization. That’s what we want to do: internalize the Word and allow God to make us whole. I don’t know about you, but I was so fired up and ready to experience the fullness of this season with God, before my last break-up, and after the healing of the one before that, and…well, you get the picture. My utmost desire was to wholeheartedly serve the Lord while I waited. Little did I know that this period would be challenged. 

Let me explain. I felt the urge to do a 30 day cleanse, a dating detox. A time where I tuned out everything and tuned into my everything, Christ. But right before I started my own personal  30-day challenge, I met a guy. During the challenge, I was so excited and in communion with the Lord that nothing progressed with said guy, because I was focused. Shortly after the challenge concluded, he made his move. He began to seduce me. (Note here: the Lord woos, the devil seduces- there is a big difference.) I’m not saying this guy was the devil-far from it. Maybe. But he was used as a distraction, or maybe even a test, to see if I was truly ready to live the life I had just spent a month challenging myself, and inadvertently others, to live.

This guy seemed to be great. At the beginning, who isn’t, right? But, in retrospect he wasn’t that great at all. He had flaws and a lot of them, but I refused to acknowledge them. Due to circumstances and me reading too much into just normal occurrences, I had deemed him “the one”, with no input from God. I saw signs early on that he didn’t treat me the way “the one” would, but I excused them and wrote them off as “he’s not there yet, but he’s trying.” I hadn’t internalized the fact that he needed to be fully submitted to God before I could submit to him. Needless to say, that’s over. As they say, ‘let God make a man out of him, before you try to make him a husband.’ But I never listen to they, so this was a hard lesson to learn.

My struggle-your lesson.  Obviously, I am that blind man in Mark 8:22-24 that didn’t become whole the first time around. I saw, but it wasn’t clear. Challenging myself to re-do The 30 Day Challenge gave me the clarity that I need to come out seeing everything more clearly. I didn’t just want to be better, I wanted to be my best. What your reading right now is the challenge that was done on social media, now compiled into a book.

Each day you will read a different insight and lesson along with the challenge for that day. In Mark, Jesus was brought a blind man to be healed. He spit on the man’s eyes and asked him, ‘What do you see?’ Here the blind man had a choice. He was better than he had ever been in his life, he could see something when before he couldn’t see anything. Surely, this was good enough. But, the same crossroads that he stood at is the very one that I challenge you to see. “Do you want to just be better, or do you want to be whole?’ The blind man, realizing he was in the presence of The Answer, decided to be honest about where he was. Don’t be fooled, Jesus knew that he wasn’t fully healed yet, but He wanted to know what was in the man’s heart. God wants us to admit that we still need Him, that although we have felt His touch before, we need more. Are you bold enough to ask Jesus to touch your season again, so that you can see everything clearly?

When Jesus healed the blind man, he spit on his eyes, touched them and then touched them again. Your healing will be a process as well. I look forward to the way that God will deposit fresh manna into your life through this challenge.

My only requirement is that you pray and open your heart to what God has to say to you. Even if you don’t think that a particular day applies to you, meditate on it. I believe that God is going to share something fresh with you each day, just as He did for me.

All 30 days will include a brief devotional, a key scripture to memorize, a Psalm to read, and a challenge or task to do and evaluate about Single season. Some may be new to you, and some may just be confirmation of a Word that the Lord has already given you. 

Let’s go!

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