2 Week Notice

Published July 20, 2015 by lavoniartryon

As many of you know, I am a writer by nature. I can turn pretty much anything into a poem, blog or book. God has gifted me with this talent, what I do with it is my portion to the Kingdom. My life is my testimony, so many things that happen are used as experience for someone else; my struggle–your lesson. Which brings me to today’s blog.

2 week notice. If you have worked in corporate America or any job that practices good work ethic, you are required to give a 2 week notice when you decide to find something new or pursue a new opportunity. I have had a couple of jobs that decided to use that 2 weeks to woo me in hopes of getting me to stay, when they knew that at the end, I was still moving on. It didn’t stop them from trying, it just stopped it from mattering. If losing me as an employee was that important, then my imminent departure shouldn’t have been the spark to make them realize what they would be missing. But it was. And so it is with us in relationships.

Once a party has decided that the relationship, or in my case ‘situationship’ isn’t working and begins to feel the stir of freedom, the other party will sometimes pull out all the bells and whistles in hopes of changing that person’s mind. But all it is…is smoke. An illusion of what could have been, but the time has already out. The person that has decided to move on has usually weighed all the pros and cons, counted the cost and still made the determination that leaving would be better than staying. Maybe if the other party would have tried a bit harder when the attention was there, the 2 weeks wouldn’t have been served.
I hope you understand the analogy and I challenge that if you are in a relationship or in pursuit of one, don’t wait until the other person has put in their emotional 2 weeks before you start showing your appreciation. It won’t be appreciated. No one wants to hear how much they matter, when it’s tied to ‘baby please don’t go’ or ‘if you would just give me another chance’. If you care, show it. If you don’t, let them go. Being in a piece of a relationship is not better than being whole alone.

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