NOT Another Singles DEVOTIONAL Book (Coming October 2013)

Published September 12, 2013 by lavoniartryon


What’s the Need for a Singles Devotional?

               If you are like me, you may have read, or shall I say started, several devotionals in your life. Why is it so hard to actually finish one? I believe it is because of the applicability. In those 30 days, 60 days or 1 year, we change-that desire we had when we first started the devotional starts to dwindle. We find ourselves skipping a day or two, and then when we finally return to it, we are 2 weeks behind and we get discouraged. I feel you, I’m there with you. That’s why this one is different. True to the ‘NOT ANOTHER SINGLES’ Series, this devotional will be unlike any other that you have started. First, because you will actually FINISH this one.  It will have the same candid and relatable dialogue as is signature for the Series, and it will leave you with thought provoking challenges, insights as well as an application challenge. You will be challenged to get real with yourself. To get to know the real you, without the makeup and Armani suits. This is the ‘you’ that you want to introduce yourself to, before you try to introduce your representative to your mate.

This Challenge (not unlike NOT Another Singles Book) started off as a social media post and evolved into the devotional that you are reading now. I have realized that many Singles struggle with the same issue, we just all seem to struggle alone. We don’t want to discuss our problems with others, or we don’t want to feel lonely or gain pity from our married friends, so we suffer in silence with the same questions:

What’s wrong with me?

Has God forgotten me?

What am I doing wrong?

Am I meant to be Single, FOREVER?

and the one that I think is probably the most important in answering all of the others

‘What am I supposed to be doing while I wait?’

By answering this question, we will get to the root of all the others. This Challenge has been adapted from the one on the website ( to give you more insight and discussion questions if you choose to do this as a group, as well as more effective challenges to really ‘get you into your Singleness before you get out’.

Are you ready to journey together?

Coming October 1st, 2013

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