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Published July 25, 2013 by lavoniartryon

Cinderella,cinderella dressed in yella’,

 went upstairs to kiss a fella.

Made a mistake, kissed a snake…

how many doctors will it take?

Everyone remembers this rhyme. You may have jumped double-dutch to it, or had a hand game associated. But how many of us really listened to the lyrics? If you know me, you know that I analyze (many people say over-analyze, but I won’t hold that against them) everything. Well, here goes. This rhyme gives me pause…extreme pause. I didn’t pay attention to it when I was a child, but as I am older and truly embracing my season of Singleness and encouraging those that like myself, look forward to marriage but aren’t there, are on this journey-it’s causing me to evaluate it.

Let’s take this rhyme and break it down. I think if we can look at it within its separate components, we will be able to understand the whole better, and have more knowledge of what can be embedded into our thinking at an early stage.

Cinderella- what do you think of when you hear Cinderella? Or Sleeping Beauty? Or Snow White? Fairytales, white horses and charming princes. We are conditioned to believe that life is about dancing in the field with butterflies and singing birds, until the ‘big bad…insert wolf, witch, step-mother’ comes and tries to kill us, but WAIT just in the nick of time, in charges Prince Charming (sometimes more like Shrek) and saves the day. We naturally fall in love, and we all live…you guessed it-Happily Ever After.

The only thing wrong with this story is that…it isn’t real. It was never meant to be. We changed the intention of entertainment into the notion of reality. We began to believe that we were the damsels in distress waiting to be rescued. And when our Prince doesn’t show up, we usually are more disappointed and instead of trying to get ourselves out of the distress, we wallow in it, until the next unsuspecting soul comes along-and now we project on him what needs to be fixed within and for ourselves.  Fairytales aren’t real, and the sooner we get that through our heads, the sooner we will be able to A. start managing our own problems instead of creating a persona of this damsel and expecting someone to accept us as we are-or worse, expect them to fix us. B. Stop looking for a Prince Charming and realize that OUR ordained mate may come in khakis instead of shining armor, and that white horse has been traded for a Chevy. I’m not telling you to settle, I’m begging you to be realistic. The only man that can save you from all of your problems is Christ.

Dressed in yella This was an interesting line that really stood out to me. Why was Cinderella dressed in yellow and not the Primary Princess color of Pink? Everyone knows that. Princesses wear pink and purple and sparkles. So why was she in yellow? I think this color symbolizes that although she is a Princess, there should be something deeper that she is looking for, something deeper that she should embody. Princesses are supposed to be pampered and taken care of, but Whoever dressed Cinderella today realized that she was made for more.

What does yellow symbolize? People that are blind to other colors can usually see yellow. The vibrancy usually stands out amongst other colors that blend together. Cinderella should understand that she doesn’t have to do anything extra to get noticed. Simply being herself will make her shine out amongst all the others, to the Prince that is blind to everyone else.

Yellow is full of creative and intellectual energy, yet also symbolizes wisdom. Cinderella is bold enough to be her own person. She is intelligent and creative. She has taken the time to acquire knowledge, but she also utilizes it which cloaks her in wisdom. Joy and happiness surround her and she lights up any room that she enters.  She is a Princess and everyone can see that, but when she opens her mouth people take notice that she is also a Queen.

Yellow daffodils are a symbol of unrequited love. I believe that she may have been given some yellow daffodils in her lifetime. Someone planted the seed that although she is a Princess in her own right, she can’t properly rule without a Prince, so she went searching for love, instead of letting it find her. Along the  way, she fell in love only to realize she was in love alone. She thought the allure of being a Princess would be enough to get a Prince Charming, so she started dressing up her outside, instead of building up her inside. It didn’t help that everywhere she went people commented on her beauty. She decided to let that lead and started downplaying her intelligence, until the daffodils were no longer just in her home, they were on her dress…They covered her. She fell in love with herself, with beauty, with money, with the idea of being in love before she realized that none of these things could love her back. Which brings us to our next point…

Ran upstairs- Ran upstairs. Everyone knows that a Princess doesn’t run. She doesn’t hurry because she realizes that the event doesn’t start until she arrives. She recognizes her power and influence. As Princesses, we run when we are unsure. We hurry or try to push things along on our own timing, instead of waiting on the bigger picture. We start chasing, instead of sitting and waiting to be pursued. She forgot her place, and decided to run-instead of wait. That’s a word. A Princess is to be pursued not meant to saddle up her own horse and run behind any man, no matter how charming he may be. And why did she run upstairs? Why not down? Maybe for a couple of reasons. She realized that, even though she had lost her place or gotten out of order, she still wasn’t so far gone that she would settle. She ran upstairs to get to a higher position. Running upstairs takes effort. She had to put in work to get to this fella upstairs. This is so backwards but this is exactly what we do. We exert all our energy working towards something that has already been given to us. She chased, she put forth the effort…and we shall see where that gets her.

To kiss a fella- So you telling me she did all of that just to kiss some boy?! Yep. She exerted all of her effort to get to a man that should have expending all of his efforts to get to her. He didn’t have to work for anything, pursue anything, or establish anything before she was willing to give of herself to him. Man, that’ll preach. So let’s let it. How many women are willing to cast their pearls before swine? How many forget all of the favor that has been deposited into them, and exchange it for a few stolen moments with someone we KNOW isn’t meant to be in our future? All for some affection. In an upcoming book, ‘I Never Danced with my Father’, I will discuss how a woman yearns for acceptance and affection and when we don’t get it from the right Source it’s only a matter of time before we start getting it from the wrong one. Pursuit is the evidence of desire.  If he isn’t pursuing you, it’s because he doesn’t desire you (even if it’s just at this moment). If you have to run upstairs to get him, you will be continually running behind him to keep him. My struggle-your lesson. Trust me.

Made a mistake, kissed a snake-This should be self-explanatory. Anytime you do things out of order, you are bound to get bitten. This guy turned out to not be who she thought he was, he deceived her! Ummm, no not really. Because she chased him, she never got the chance to meet the real him;  she was too busy falling in love with the guy she had created in her head. She projected characteristics that she never actually gave him the opportunity to portray, and then when he didn’t live up to them, her response was that he ‘isn’t the man I thought he was.’ You’re exactly right. He never was. He was always a snake, you just got distracted by his smooth words, Eve.

HOW MANY DOCTORS WILL IT TAKE?- Just ONE. But to meet him, you have to come back down the stairs and fall on your knees. Be restored back to your original state, and wait…

One Day Your Prince Will Come.



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