DAY 21: Are you the one or should I wait for another?

Published May 24, 2013 by lavoniartryon


Memory Verse: Beware of false prophets (suitors) that come to you in sheep’s clothing (Gucci and Hugo Boss, smelling all good) but inwardly are raging wolves (only out for your goodies or to steal your favor). You’ll recognize them by their fruit. Are grapes gathered from thorn bushes or figs from thistles.\? (Sooner or later their true nature will come to surface) Matthew 7:15-16 as interpreted by me

Psalm: 23

Challenge: What characteristics are necessary to determine whether this person is ‘the one’? What do you have to see or hear?

THE ELUSIVE ‘ONE’. I’ve spoken with many Christians and some believe that there is ‘that one’ person that they are destined to be with and that is it for them. Others believe that at different points in your life, you may be more compatible with different people, so there is maybe an ordained person for each season and you choose them by whether you are ready to be married. Both opinions are valid and I believe that they can work together. I believe that there is a person ordained for you, but I also believe in free will, so I believe your ordained person can choose to be disobedient and marry someone else—then where does that leave you? Single forever unless you choose to marry someone else too? I don’t think so. I believe that just as God raised Joshua to replace Moses and David to replace Saul-He can and will raise up another for you, ordained to complete your joint purpose.

But that’s not what this day is about. It’s about recognizing ‘the one’. How will you know if this is the one that God kept for you or if it is just another suitor that carries similar qualities that you are looking for? I believe a story in Luke involving Jesus and John the Baptist will give us key clues to recognize him or her when they come.

In Luke 7 and Matthew 11, John is in prison for the cause of Christ and he sends two of his messengers that are with him to ask Jesus ‘Are you the One who is to come or should we look for someone else?’. Jesus’ response is surprising here. He didn’t say, ‘I am the Christ, or ‘My Father and I are One’ or anything that would confirm His identity and deity. He simply challenged the disciples to go report what they had heard and seen. Apparently, John’s disciples were with Jesus during many of His miracles because Luke 7:18 says that John’s disciples told him (John) about all these things. So Jesus challenged them to go back to John and assure him, not through what Jesus said but what He DID. ‘The lame walk, the blind see, the captives have been set free, those once diseased are now made whole.’ From these signs, John the Baptist as well as his disciples could draw their own conclusions, but there could only be one logical answer: He is the Messiah.

What Jesus challenged them to do, I am challenging you to do. What have you seen in and heard from this potential suitor? Has she/he changed your circumstances for the better? Do they pray over and with you and things change? Can they lead you to the throne of Christ? Do they wash you and teach you the Word? These are things that should be evident in any Christian that is contemplating sharing their lives, earthly possessions, and vision with another. WHAT HAVE YOU SEEN?

There should be an outward manifestation of certain characteristics. John the Baptist had himself baptized Jesus into His ministry and saw the Spirit of God descend on Him, but yet He still had doubts. You will too, and they will be valid. Sharing your life with someone is so much more than just guilt free sex and a shared last name. This is serious and it shouldn’t be entered into lightly. While John was suffering, He needed confirmation. During your difficult times in relationships, that person’s actions should confirm their identity as ‘the one’.

INSIGHT: ‘Wow. This day is even more relevant the second time around. The things I saw and heard were clear indications that he was not ‘the one’, but I didn’t take heed of it. Many times the answer is clear, but we are too blind or attached to deal with it. During the difficult times, you should see your significant other as the safe place. You should feel valued and respected and free to share everything. If you don’t, then something is missing. Trust what you see; more than just words trust the actions that follow them.’

Actions speak louder than words. What do you see? What have you heard? The answer to your question if he or she is the one, lies in your response to these two preceding questions.

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