DAY 2: THE SINGLE ‘CURSE’- (or so they say): Insights Edition

Published May 2, 2013 by lavoniartryon


SINGLE. At times this can seem like a four-letter word to ourselves and when we explain to someone else that we ‘have it.’ Have any of you heard the response: ‘Oh…you’re SINGLE? Oh, ok. Well, just keep waiting, your someone will come.’?

So, that’s what we do. We wait. And we wait. Then we wait some more. Until, hopefully, one day we wake up and decide to ask the determining question: WHAT am I waiting for? In that question, I believe is our freedom to enjoy this time. When we begin to look at our lives and decide that ‘waiting’ requires action, then we will start to look for those things that we should be doing in this time.

INSIGHT: So, why do the exact journey again? I think for a couple of reasons. First as yesterday’s blog stated, sometimes the first time doesn’t get us all the way there. We see better than we did before, yet everything is not as clear as it could be. Next, they (no one ever knows who they is) say that repetition is a key component of memorization or internalization. That’s what we want to do. Internalize this Word and allow God to make us whole. I don’t know about you, but I was so fired up and ready to experience the fullness of this season with God after the 1st Singles Challenge in October. I had the best desire to wholeheartedly serve the Lord while I waited. Little did I know that this period would be challenged. Right before the challenge, I met a guy but I didn’t think anything of it. During the challenge, I was so fired up and in communion with the Lord that nothing progressed with said guy, because I was focused. Directly after the challenge, he made his move. He begin to seduce me. Note here: the Lord woos, the devil seduces- there is a big difference. I’m not saying this guy was the devil, far from it-but he was used as a distraction-or maybe even a test to see if I were truly ready to live the life that I had just spent a month challenging others to live.

2nd Note: If you have followed any of my posts, read my notes or even my book, you will know that I am shamelessly transparent. I say shamelessly because the world can not condemn me for something that Christ has already covered. But I also say shameless because God has removed the fear of sharing too much and replaced it with the joy of seeing others get free based on my testimony.

Back to the story: so this guy was great. At the beginning, who isn’t right? But, in retrospect he wasn’t. He had flaws and allot of them, just like everyone else-but I refused to acknowledge them. Due to circumstances and me reading too much into just normal occurrences, I had deemed him ‘the one’, with no input from God. I saw signs early on that he didn’t treat me the way ‘the one’ would, but I excused them and wrote them off as ‘he’s not there yet, but he’s trying.’ I hadn’t internalized the fact that he needed to be fully submitted to God before I could submit to him. Needless to say, that’s over. As they say ‘let God make a man out of him, before you try to make his a husband.’

So ‘my struggle-your lesson.’ Obviously, I am that blind man in Mark 8:22-24 that didn’t get whole the first time around. I saw, but it wasn’t clear. So, doing this ‘once-more’ is going to give me the clarity that I need to come out seeing everything clearly.

So back to the Challenge. Each day you will see a different insight BEFORE the challenge for the day. The challenges are the same from October, because they are still relevant. When Jesus healed the blind man, he spit on his eyes, touched them and then touched them again. Don’t fix what’s not broken. I will give insight on how I have grown or what others have shared about each particular day and watch God deposit fresh manna in your life.

My only requirement is that you pray and open your heart to what God has to say to you. Even if you don’t think that a particular day applies to you, meditate on it, I believe that God is going to share something fresh with you each day.

All 30 days will include a brief devotional, a key scripture to memorize, a Psalm to read, and a challenge or task to do or evaluate about your life. Some may be new to you, and some may just be confirmation of a Word that the Lord has already given you. Let’s go!

Day 1: THE CURSE…(or so they say)

CHALLENGE #1: What is the hardest thing that you struggle with in understanding your Singleness? Why is it hard for you to believe that you are complete alone? This is our baseline.

Psalm 37

Memory Verse: Psalm 37:23 The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives (New Living Translation)

The Bible-(THE AMPLIFIED VERSION) says: ‘The steps of a good man are directed and established by the Lord when He delights in his way (and He busies Himself with his every step) Psalm 37:23. This scripture is so rich because it reminds us that the Author and Perfector of our Faith is orchestrating our lives. Our steps are ordered and directed and established by the Lord Himself, meaning that we can’t have a ‘misstep’ or a ‘mistake’ or an ‘oops’ without Him already knowing about it, and having a plan in place to work it out for our good in the end (Romans 8:28). When He (big H denotes perfect Lord) delights in his (little h denotes imperfect man) way, He will busy Himself with his EVERY step. This Word brings tears to my eyes when I realize that the Creator of the universe will busy HIMSELF around my life. That is mind-blowing to imagine that He cares that much about me. So the very least that I can do is offer up my life as a sacrifice to Him (Romans 12:1-2).

So if every step is ordained because we are living a life that is striving to please Him daily, then He Himself ORDAINED our Singleness. That puts a different spin on it. Whether you are single with no prospects, single and dating, exclusively in a relationship but not yet engaged, or even engaged to be married- you are still single…and you are right where God is ordaining you to be. You are in His will at this moment, which is the safest and sweetest place to be.

But, let’s be honest…sometimes it doesn’t feel sweet. Sometimes it is downright awful…and lonely…and tiring…and sad. Trust me, I know. I’ve been there and I still have those days, but they have become fewer and fewer because I have now realized that I am in His will-so even when it’s not good, it’s WORKING for my good. And that makes it worth it. There is beauty in DESIRING to stay in God’s will even when we don’t understand it or even desire the path that we are on. We desire His will for our lives more than we desire our comfort or the plan that we believe we should be living. Rest in that. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. God hasn’t forgotten you, nor can He misplace you, because He is busy with ordering your every step. You are not His keys, or His eyeglasses- you are the beautiful jewel in His crown, the Heir to His righteousness, worthy of trading His Son’s perfect life for your imperfect one. He’s got you. Chill out.

So that brings us to this 30 day Singles Challenge: Insight Edition and I am probably more excited about doing it once-more than you are. God is going to reveal so much to us about His will for our lives and His plan for this ordained stage in our journey.

This challange will be done on several channels for your convenience:

 twitter: @mysingleseason

Facebook: LaVonia Tryon

 Book Fan Page: NOT Another Singles Book


Please invite your friends, family and anyone that can benefit from a Word from the Lord (which is everyone) to join us. This Challenge is geared towards Singles, but if you are married-I still believe that God has a Word for you in it as well. ALL ARE WELCOME!

Are you ready to experience the fullness of this unique Season in your life?

Let’s go!

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