Conclusion of the 30 Day Singles Challenge

Published October 31, 2012 by lavoniartryon

It has been with the humblest pleasure that I have shared the past 30 days with you all. God has truly blessed me with your insight, transparency, willingness to share and honesty in where you are in this journey and where you desire to go in the Lord. I have connected with some old friends and gained some new ones. My inbox, email and text have been flooded with comments about what God has shown them through this journey. I am simply blessed to be the vessel. Never confuse the channel with the Source- we are simply God’s instruments- He is the full Orchestra, Conductor and sits as our audience of One. Don’t forget that, or allow anyone to convince you that they should receive ANY glory from an act of God. This is all from Him, through Him, and for Him.

God has so much for you embedded in this season, you just need to grab hold of it. Invest this time of undistracted devotion in Him, and watch Him deposit in you greater love, peace, comfort, purpose, understanding and more spiritual and natural gifts than you have room to store. Commit to get everything out of your singleness and determine to come out full, lacking nothing. If marriage is in the plans that He has for you, it will come in His timing and it will be beautiful. Do the work so that you are prepared and ready when that time comes. Choose not to be a married person, looking back at your single season wishing you would have done some of the things that you had more freedom to do then.

I end this Challenge with the final words of my book, NOT Another Singles Book’©2011 But-I-FLY Ministries, (if you have yet to get your copy, please email me at or go to the Facebook Fanpage by the same name and purchase your copy there):

“I believe that God does everything for His glory. So He will join your life with your husband or wife when He has gotten the maximum amount of glory out of your

Single life. Take this to mean your Single life is bringing more glory to God’s name than your married life would be at this moment. What an honor! Treat it as such. If you are still Single and living for God, it just means that the Lover of your soul wants more time alone with you.”

Be blessed, I love you.

God has instructed me to turn this challenge into my 3rd book, ‘The 30 Day Singles Challenge: An Intense and Intentional Discovery of yourself in this Ordained Season’ ©2012 But-I-FLY Ministries. This book will be offered as a COMPLETELY FREE eBook download for you to share with your friends, families, church and ministries- we simply ask that you respect copyright laws and credit But-I-FLY Ministries and LaVonia R. Tryon as the author in your duplication. As Philipians 2:1-2 states- ‘Therefore if you have received any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from His love, if any common sharing in the Spirit , if any tenderness and compassion- THEN make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind. That’s what this Journey is about- sharing as the body as one mind and spirit in discovering the richness of this season as we encourage ourselves and others.’


THIS JOURNEY INCLUDES YOU! We want to feature your comments, testimonies and insight in this publication. Please respond to this post via comment, inbox or email us to give your permission for us to include you in this Movement. Please include how you would like to be referenced- i.e. LaVonia T., a 31 yo Houston Counselor, Jessica C., a 23 yo SFA Senior. We will then take specific quotes from your comments on certain days and embed those as ‘pop-outs’ in the book.

This isn’t over…if you got behind on some of the days and still want to catch up, these notes will be here until November 30 for you to still include your comments and insight to be included in the final edition. At that time, they will be removed for editing and then reposted as the final book in January 2013 for your free download.

Remember God loves you and is jealous over you. Don’t take your time alone with Him lightly. I love you.

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